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Innovation and style
in the world of fly screens.

MV Line SpA is a leading Apulian company for the industrial production of filter and shading systems against insects for residential buildings.
Founded in 1996 for the production and assembly of roll-up systems in aluminium and steel, the company slowly extended its range of services, focusing on the industrial production of fly screens, in addition to filter and shading systems in general.
The production cycle has evolved over the years: initially limited to assembly only, it later transformed to include the design and direct development of prototypes and models, employing highly specialised personnel in the Research & Development sector.

Spread across 5 different industrial sheds for a total coverage of more than 15,000 square metres in the industrial zone of Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA), MV LINE has a staff of one-hundred employees, which rises significantly during seasonal peak production periods.
The high-level automation of the production flow, combined with the scalability of its facilities allows the company to continuously expand its production capacity, offering an average delivery time throughout the national territory of roughly 3 working days from order placement, also thanks to its own fleet of road carriers.

The company’s growth, highlighted over the years by the creation of a broad range of fly screen models, has led to the increasingly rapid and widespread diffusion of the brand throughout the national territory, supported by investments in communication and participation in international trade fairs, such as MADE EXPO – Milan, R + T Stuttgart, Veteco – Madrid, the Big 5 – Dubai, in addition to the sponsorship of various national events.
With an assortment of more than 20 fly screen models, filter and shading systems, MV LINE is able to cater to all installation needs in the residential building sector.

The models can be designed and developed for immediate installation according to Client specifications, or sold in kits or 6-metre bars for subsequent customisation and assembly by client companies.
Each listed model offers a broad range of colours from which to choose for both the profiles and mesh or blackout shades. With a view toward keeping up to step with latest market trends, thanks to the Research & Development department, fly screens are constantly updated through the adoption of innovative systems for installation or use, thus enhancing the product’s competitiveness. The company obtained ISO9001 Quality certification in 2008.