MV Living S.r.l.

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A vision that enhances the essentiality of forms.

Experiencing the outdoors
in the name of design.

MV Living is today one of the most influential industrial corporations in the Outdoor Living sector. The company has made a continuous strive for quality its corporate mission, constantly renewing its offer to better interpret modern lifestyles and trends. MV Living production is developed in the outdoor and awnings collections to offer a complete range of sun protection systems and solutions. The outdoor collection interprets an unprecedented and exclusive vision of Outdoor Living. Awning structures and bioclimatic pergolas are set apart by their essential design and practical, rational functionality. The awnings collection represents the entire history of the MV Living brand. A broad range of awnings, sun tunnels and special coverings.

Design has forever been part of the MV Living production culture. The search for style is continuous, always focused on best interpreting modern living trends and offering utmost freedom in combining fabrics, structures and accessories. Technological innovation is translated into increasingly high-performing products and long-lasting reliable solutions for a guarantee of total comfort. MV Living carefully selects only the best materials and closely monitors all stages of the production process, thus guaranteeing the high aesthetic and constructive value of its products. Choosing MV Living means choosing the Italian excellence of outdoor living.